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Raptor Alley Trip Results and Other/Weld

  • Hi all
    Fantastic weather. Great people. And a fabulous "raptor show" for all. Saturday, I led a large group on the "frozen tundra" of Nunn. We saw 52 raptors and our only miss was Northern Harrier. There were moments of pure wonder as we watched pairs of Merlin (rare to see, roosting next to each other), Golden Eagle (atop steel power lines), and multiple pairs of Bald Eagle (various towers/poles). Photos later this morning. Raptors seen:
    • Red-tailed Hawk - 14
    • Golden Eagle - 5
    • Ferruginous Hawk - 6
    • Prairie Falcon - 3
    • Bald Eagle - 11 (record #)
    • Merlin - 2
    • American Kestrel - 10
    • Rough-legged Hawk - 1
    Sunday and Monday ... Windsor and Woods Lake continue to teem with birds. Windsor had the Long-tailed Duck (Sun.) and Greater White-fronted Goose (Mon.) while Woods Lake had Snow Goose (Mon.)
    Gary Lefko, Nunn