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Parrots of the U. S.

  • Hi all

    Just finished reading "A Field Guide to the Feral Parrots of the US" from Cool Green Science. I share this because it was actually a parrot species that fueled by interest in birding (as well as TX and FL fledgling birding trails) in late 90s. Living in Colorado Springs we had a feral Monk Parakeet colony a block from our house. Their huge colony nest sat atop a telephone pole in an alley way. Up to as many nine parrots would visit our feeders daily entertaining both us and our dogs. I distinctly remembering my wife saying to me "I saw a green bird flying over our house" to which I replied "No way, there are no green birds in Colorado!" To whit the next morning two were on our feeders!

    I visit my mom in Florida each year and get to see both Monk and Nanday Parakeets while there.

    Highlights from this article include:

    • 56 parrot species in 43 states (!)
    • 25 parrot species breed in 23 states (!)
    • US had two endemic species at one time: Carolina Parakeet and Thick-billed Parrot
    • Some argue that both Green Parakeet and Red-crowned Parrot are endemic as well--south TX


    Fascinating birds to say the least and most enjoyable to watch!