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  • We will follow a similar route that I did in early spring that netted 100+ species this past Spring. eBird shows 5-year average for August is 156 species--so that's good news! There are some shorebird habitat as I wrote this and hopefully more come end of August.

    Meet 0730 at the new Soaring V Fuels gas station (large red building) at the intersection of Hwy 85 and Weld CR 100 on the north side of Nunn. Bring your binos, scopes, snacks and beverages. We'll pop in to Crow Valley Campground. Only restrooms available are the Soaring V Fuels, Plains Market and Crow Valley Campground. Feel free to drop if you can't stay full day. We will also meander to Latham-area south of Greeley.

    If you are a member of the Friends of Pawnee National Grassland you can RSVP on this event's webpage directly, if not or easier, contact me at coloradobirder@yahoo.com. No limit on attendance.

    "Beleaguered by the sullen hosts of winter, it withdraws into the impregnable fortress of its subterranean vitality, and emerges upon the first solicitation of spring. Sown by the winds, by wandering birds, propagated by the subtle horticulture of the elements, which are its ministers and servants, it softens the rude outline of the world. (Ingalls, 1872)"
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    7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Where
    Pawnee National Grassland Map
  • Host
    The "Nunn Guy" and Friends of the Pawnee National Grassland
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  • Sibylle Hechtel
    Sibylle Hechtel: I'm interested in joining you, and wonder about meeting you at the Crow Valley campground (since I'm in Silverthorne this summer, about 3 hours away). Would that work, and about when do you think the group would arrive at the campground?
    • Aug 23
    • Sibylle Hechtel
      From the "Nunn Guy" My guesstimate would be 11-1200 time frame. First part of route takes us through NE of Nunn down to Crow Valley.
    • Sibylle Hechtel
      Sibylle Hechtel That seems like I'd miss most of the route. I'll plan to meet at the gas station. Is it about 30 minutes from the Crow campground? I camped there once before when visiting the Pawnee NG.
      • Aug 29
    • Sibylle Hechtel
      From the "Nunn Guy" Yup about 30 minutes from Crow Valley
  • Kenneth Weaver
    Kenneth Weaver: Gary, not quite sure how best to RSVP. Three of us from Greeley will attend: Ken & Paulette Weaver & Linda Martin.
    • Aug 20