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Raptor Alley Trip Report

  • Hi all
    Results from first Raptor Alley tour of season. Morning session was perfect weather and first bird out of the gate was a Merlin down the road from my house. She was later seen after the the trip chowing on a meadowlark in our field atop a post. We had 33 raptors in all and about 20 other bird species, Pronghorns, of course. A treat for all was Northern Harrier, Red-tailed and Ferruginous Hawk hunting and eating in the Weld CR 33 prairie dog colony at same time. Wind picked up in afternoon drive. We did not drive up to Weld CR 124 missing out on the three possible Prairie Falcon seen of late up there.
    American Kestrel - 11
    Red-tailed Hawk 17
    Merlin - 1
    Ferruginous Hawk - 2
    Northern Harrier - 1
    Golden Eagle - 1
    Nunn's Bald Eagle(s) could not be found in their usual 4-5 hangouts. Could not re-find the Rough-legged Hawk either seen last weekend.
    Photos (first post):
    Thanks Gary Lefko, Nunn